I hope they can accept a condiment because the new LeSuperHomard is brilliant!

Le SuperHomard – Dry Salt In Our Hair (Featuring Pandora Burgess)

This is the shimmering new video for Le SuperHomard’s beautiful “Dry Salt In Our Hair” (shot in the spring on the Canary Islands), featuring beautiful vocals once again by Pandora Burgess. The gorgeous, psych-tinged, summer pop tune is originally from one of our fav albums of last year “Maple Key” (Echo Orange/Alter K) and now fronts up a new remix ep of the song(see below). Well worth a listen, it will make the sun come out believe me 🙂 The remixes are by GUM (a.k.a. Jay Watson of Tame Impala / Pond-Australia), Lake Ruth (USA), Remington Super 60 (Norway), Mother Tereco ( Japan) and Le Panama Club (France). The Lake Ruth remix, in particular, is GENIUS!!

Week 22 YouTube Playlist

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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