We caught these ELEPHANTS ON TAPE

ELEPHANTS ON TAPE – “Lightweights”

“I can see the light in your eyes, you’re too far from my side”

Understatment is an art in these days of excessive everything. “Lightweights” is understatement as art, insistent, minimalist keyboards, barely audible backing vocals, looped beats and silence – all integral, nothing wasted, as a spider web being weaved before your eyes – beautiful, ephemeral, it lodges long in your memory. Lightweights is the first single from the debut LP of the same name by ELEPHANTS ON TAPE from Leipzig/Hamburg (to be released on Kick The Flame Publishing/Broken Silence). The excellent video is by Weimar-based filmmaker Tobias Schütze. Lightweights describes “a state of suspense, an unforeseen situation, likely to tilt every second.” For me it asks the question “how strong are you ? Have you been tested? How easily could you be knocked out of your stride?” It certainly made me think (now, that doesn’t happen very often).

The band are Lisa Zwinzscher, Markus Rom, Robert Gemmel, Lukas Stodollik and Hans Arnol. Thanks to Nina from 106hz in Hamburg for the heads up. Enjoy!


SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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