The Doll’s Housing Crash

Housing Crash – Creeper

This is “Creeper” by Istanbul-based Housing Crash. Starting off sounding like a love song, it quickly becomes clear it’s something altogether more sinister – as the band say the song is aimed at “those who confuse love with control”. The very clever video by Ayşe Naz Baykal illustrates the message beautifully. The song itself is catchy as anything with driving guitars that remind me of Irish band of yore “A House” and they can deliver a sugar-coated pill just as well. The band are Matt Loftin – bass, vox, Todd Gibson – guitar, Paul Osterlund – guitar and Murat Yakupoglu – drums. No idea how some of these guys ended up in Instanbul, maybe they’ll tell us. Hmmm. Instanbul, a song about confusing love with control, I wonder….


SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

art by Elif Tuna

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