Cool as ice: Bergfilm

Bergfilm – Nostalgic Love

SWITING* has been such a revelation because of moments like this , when you discover a new song (or it discovers you) and you know after 10 or 20 seconds that it’s something really special. This is “Nostalgic Love” by Bergfilm, it’s a gem – beautifully produced eighties-influenced electronica with stunning, deeply-felt vocals. The accompanying art-house short complements it perfectly. The songs are written by vocalist Arthur Lingk on his acoustic guitar and then “systematically dismantled” in the band´s practice room with Christoph Franke (synthesizer), Marian Schütt (synthesizer & bass) and Manuel Rädler (drums) before the band assembles them back together. I think we call that recontructed deconstructionism.

Of the song, Arthur says-
“Love at an older age, sexuality and pulsing intimacy between elderly people is a rare topic in today’s media. I asked myself, why it’s not being addressed, whereas sexual expression and hopefully sexual freedom is constantly on the rise? Why is love at a certain age socially accepted when it’s caring and devoted but not when it’s impulsive and wild?
With Nostalgic Love I wanted to bring teenage needs and feelings back to an older age and show an unconventional love story without restraint. A story about lovers who missed each other at a certain point in life and trying to regain what has passed by.
The film also asks how the way of falling in love has changed between my generation and older generations. Are we more inattentive and indecisive than they were when it comes to love?”

I’m not sure what generation I’m fitting nito here, so I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. If this is anything to go by then I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.


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