SWIT SWEMIERE: Superfetish by Melt Mountain on Inner Ear Records

Location: Athens, Greece. Bright, guitar-pop experimentalist four-piece Melt Mountain will release their full-length debut album “Superfetish” on May 29 via Inner Ear Records on special edition LP/Orange Vinyl and digital album. The record follows their acclaimed self-titled four-song EP (Jan 2014) which earned praise from NME, Indieshuffle and more. We are delighted to bring you this exclusive premiere of the record. The album was produced by the band and most of it was recorded live in four days at Urban Studios in February 2016. It’s got that immediate, instinctual feel you get from live recordings, and there is some exquisite jamming on display, a knowing swagger and some beautiful, loping (and surprising) changes of tempo along the way. These guys know how to keep you on your toes.

The songs are influenced by urban culture and daily life with all the messiness that entails. They navigate the reclusive mind and the misunderstood personality (tell me about it!). In some ways the record is a stream of consciousness, both musically and lyrically, but with a core of great tunes and some super playing to experiment around. Inner Ear have another diamond in the rough.

The album was written and produced by the band and engineered by John Vulgaris (Bazooka’s drummer). Artwork by Never Brush My Teeth. Photo by Chino Borderliner.

Melt Mountain are:
Dimitris Apostolakidis (Guitar / Keys / Vocals)
Eddie Theofanisis (Bass)
Nikos Bakopoulos (Saxophone)
Xenofon Karakonstantis – (Guitar / Keys / Vocals)
Nikos Kotsaris – (Drums)

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