SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: OUH LÀ LÀ by JUNIORE


JUNIORE – OUH LÀ LÀ (Le Phonographe)

With the album being released back in March we’re a bit late to the party with this one – don’t worry friends, we’ll outstay our welcome. You can take that to la Banque. Buy hey it was worth the wait, because guess what? This record done blew me away. Speaking of blew, OUH LÀ LÀ by JUNIORE channels Blow-Up, sixites French pop, Audrey Hepburn singing “Moon River”, Peggy Lee, Tarantino-esque guitars (is there such a thing? You know what I mean) and wraps it up in an utterly irresistable package courtesy of the production by Samy Osta (La Femme, Feu! Chatterton). Doo Wop Doo Wop Do Woo, I’m feeling pretty moved. Anna Jean’s vocals are making the scene, so cool they’re hot, sizzling. But this ain’t no tribute band, these tunes are so sharp I cut myself every time I listen. I suffer for their art, the pain is exquisite. Funny thing, like Jesus Christ at The Wedding at Cana, they saved the best for last. Antoine is a stunning song, sounding like nobody else, sounding like nobody else at all and closer “En cavale” is a woozy dream made real, you wake up and you play it again and again (and again).

P.S. Thanks to Eric Wiggle for the heads up 🙂

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