Super World Interview Time: Rémi from Atelier Ciseaux Records


I think we got to know Rémi first when he sent us a track by Exit Someone which we loved. Since then we have chatted over and back on several occasions and we were delighted when he answered some questions for us about his beloved label Atelier Ciseaux Records. Check out the interview and some of their recent releases right here, right now.

Where did the idea come for Atelier Ciseaux come from and how did you begin?

 The label has always existed… in my head, at least! Not with this name or this logo of course. I always wanted to create my own label. It was my dreams when I was 17, and by the time I was 25, and that was all I could think about. When I was 30, I finally decided to do it.

Before starting the label, I had an another label which released music on recycled tapes. I booked tours/ gigs, did promotion for bands, writing for music media… I think it was the  right moment to start Atelier Ciseaux.

 What’s an average day like for you?

 Lately I’m working – for my real job – at home. So a classic day is checking my emails, writing emails, answering emails, checking my emails, writing emails, answering emails, check-answer-writing emails…

AC Act #1 : Exit Someone

 What’s the musical ethos behind the label – how do you decide what fits and what doesn’t?

 I think Atelier Ciseaux is considered as a kind of “pop label “. But in the past we released records with experimental bands like U.S. GIRLS, LUCKY DRAGONS, PRINCE RAMA & SUN ARAW, CVLTS… And all these records have an important place in our discography. Each one represents, in its way, the label.

We like music, different kind of music. We never thought about style or geography. We just want to release music we like.

 What’s the secret of your success so far?

 Hum… I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the notion of  “success “. What is the success ? Making money ? Don’t loose money ? get a lot of fans/ likes on facebook ? Being on Pitchfork ? [ Actually, it’s being on SWIT ;-)]

AC Act #2 : Vesuvio Solo

Being a label like us is being an outsider all the time. Somewhere, I like this idea but it’s not easy. After eight years, I consider this project like an act of  resistance .

Doing what we want and how, working hard, releasing records with bands we love, never forgetting our ethic… this what I can maybe call  success .

 Where do you do most of your listening?

Most of the time on my tapes/ record player or via internet. Soundcloud or Bandcamp but really rarely on platforms like Deezer or Spotify. I have absolutely nothing against people who only stream music on Deezer or Spotify. The problem comes from the platforms who pay really really badly labels and artists.

 How did/do you find talent?

 Thanks internet ! At the beginning it was via the revolutionary Myspace and now most of the time via Soundcloud or bandcamp. We received a lot of demos and emails from friends of friends of friends of… We’re lucky we had released records with people who have exciting side/ new projects.

AC Act #3 : Sierra Manhattan

 Can you offer any advice to new bands? How should they go about getting their music heard?

 Take your time, take your time and take your time ! This is my first and only advice haha !

I know it’s “reassuring ” and motivating to find a label who wants to support you but don’t be sad if you can’t find one. There are so many bands in the world right now.

You definitely can do it by yourself. The internet is a revolution even if it’s not easy – to be honest – to get out of the pack.

I know some bands – who got the opportunity be signed on “big labels ” – who decided to make their own labels because they were afraid to be screwed.

Believe in what you do and who you are. This is, probably, the most important. And… go on tour !!!

AC Act #4: Dreamboy

 What’s exciting you for the future?

 I’m definitely not excited about what happens in France… the Presidential Election is  taking a weird way. It is really significant of what is happening in France since a couple of years now. I don’t  understand why it’s so difficult for people to live together.

The election seems to be only a fight for power and all about ego. How can we trust a politician today ? Sorry I think I’m not answering your question !

Future… our next release of course! The debut mini album of the London based solo act PROMISE KEEPER. So amazing live ! and next ones but it’s a bit to early to talk about it.

AC Act #5: Promise Keeper

What act, not currently on the label, would you love to sign?

 Easy question… haha ! When I started the label, I did a tiny list with the names of four bands I’d like to release. We did a record with two of them, we were closed to work with a third one but I discovered they were pretentious assholes.

And the last one is GROUPER. Liz Harris’ music is so beautiful, so unreal, so unique. I like the “character “, she’s really discrete.

To be honest, I can’t say I haven’t tried to ask her.. Maybe I’ll do it again in the future. But I’m just happy her music is alive in this weird/ wild world.

 What’s the best new band/ artist you’ve heard?

 I discovered, I can’t remember how, this new band, Jade Imagine, from Melbourne. I really love this shimmering song « Walkin’ around ». Can’t wait to listen to the whole record. (Think you found that on SWIT, Rémi!).

 What are your ambitions for the label?

 Our one and only ambition was always to release records we like and support bands/ artists we love. Nothing will ever be more important than that. We want to continue as we are now – working freely with whom/what we like. If we ever lose that freedom, we’ll stop. It’s that simple and no more complicated than that.

Hum… I have a “secret” ambition, destroying the… Records Store Day. I can’t understand how – real – indie bands/ labels are ok with that. To be honest, I accepted once to take part of it. People were sweet but I was thinking “What the fuck am I doing here? “. People involved in the Records Store day – I’m not talking about indie record stores of course – are making of records simple goodies. And that sucks. Really !

 What makes you happy?

Watching my dog, Cheddar, sleeping on his back !

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