It’s all black and white with Grim Anise

Grim Anise – Rain City

“You know what he’ll do when he comes back? Beat my teeth out, then kick me in the stomach for mumbling.”

From Greece, this is independent aritst Grim Anise. You know I love fifties Film Noir,I love spoken word, beat poetry and all that jazz. I think this channels all of that into the tale of the denizens of Rain City, it’s beautifully realised and it doesn’t end well I think but then again things often don’t.   Have a listen.  Dimitris, for it is he, describes it as follows

A gay couple standing hand-in-hand at the edge of a rooftop. A needle going under Annie’s skin. 
A vain man that leaves her hand forever. Desperate, lost souls wear the masks of happiness while they seek shelter in their handhelds…
Those are some of the stories of the citizens of Rain City.
A city like any other.
A city like the one you live in…”

So what I love about this is the music,  it fits like a glove  and the eloquence and ambition of the narrative. Hats off, if you can afford one and you haven’t lost your head…………

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