There’s no hung jury when it comes to Nakury

Nakury – Rima Que Ilumina

Ok, it’s our first trip to Costa Rica. This is “Rima Que Ilumina” by MC Nakury from her new LP “VIA” on Lácteo Cósmico. Nakury’s love of hip hop began from her involvement in graffiti, break and rap during her teenage years. In 2016 she produced a documentary along with the rappers Nativa (Costa Rica), Audry Funk (Mexico), and Rebeca Lane (Guatemala) on the role of women in each country.

She says’s in an interview in The Tico Times “The reason for the trip was to film interviews for the documentary that we’re doing in the Somos Guerreras (We’re Warriors) Collective, which would not only reflect women’s work in hip-hop, but also the ways in which they relate to each other…There are a lot of women strongly committed to social change through art, and specifically through hip-hop.” The trip directly influenced the new album and includes collaborations with Barzo, Kumary Sawyers, YOGI beatbox, Nacho Páez, Rebeca Lane and Guadalupe Urbina.

Nakury combines sublime electro-infused hip hop with social conscience, existential wonder and a call to activism – it’s an intoxicating mix. We include a live performance of the track as well from Sofar Sounds Costa Rica which we just LOVE. We can’t wait to check out the rest of the album. File under “brilliant”.

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017


SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

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