Super World Interview Time: Iris from Taffy

‘Nyctophilia’ (love of darkness) is the new album by Taffy, one of SWIT’s favourite bands. It’s probably their most cohesive work to date. Everything you expect from a Taffy record is present and correct – complex, cascading arrangements, dream sequence lushness, candy-sweet vocals and shimmering guitars. RunicWade and Lavendery really stand out, the sparser production highlighting the songwriting skills of Iris. You can ony imagine how delighted we were when Iris answered some questions for us in what is becoming know as our annual Taffy interview ! Woohhoo!

Why did you call the new album nyctophilia?

Well,,,I find the words and images that relate to something dark attractive. I do find myself comfortable in a bit dark place rather than in bright light or in sunshine so..

When did your musical journey begin?

It began when I was small. There was always some kind of music playing in the house and I’d sing along with them without knowing what the songs are. And one day, when I realized that I could come up with melodies of my own, maybe that was the real start of the journey. And that was about … mmm, I can’t quite remember.

We love the new LP, are you happy with the results?

Oh Yes, I think we were able to do our best at that moment. Usually, the sound engineer and I do all the mixing but this time I wasn’t quite sure of the first mix so I remixed all over again which made the album come out several months behind. And now, you loving the album made it worth the delay, thank you!

Why did you call the new album nyctophilia?

The record is really coherent, was the approach to the songwriting different this time?

Before this album, we were just recording the songs that were ready to record, but for the first time, I wrote few songs just for this album, such as Lavendery and Luminous Ride.

What’s your favourite song on it?

THANTOPHOBIA and Luminous Ride.

It is a conscious decision to sing in English? Have you thought about singing in Japanese?

I prefer to sing in English than in Japanese even though it’s not my first language. Actually, I never thought of singing in Japanese. And I don’t know why…a mystery.

What new music is exciting you at the moment?

I really don’t go digging into new music, just let it be and whatever comes in my ears anywhere everywhere is what I listen to. Whether new or old, I pretty much enjoy any music with nice melodies. So.. yah, most of the music are new and exciting to me.

What’s been your favourite live concert or venue that you’ve played?

That’s hard to pick… but a live at Soundcity in Liverpool was something to remember because it was our first show in a festival. And the time we got to play during the magic hour watching this beautiful sunset with nice breeze and as it was the last show on the tour in UK ,,it made us feel like it was the final stage. I really like all the places I get to tour, never a bad place, everyone is so nice to us and I am always very thankful for that.

Which do you prefer – being in the studio or on stage?

They both have good sides, I like being in the studio where I can just play and make some music without thinking anything. On the other hand, being a little tense with everybody around watching you, but get to let everything we have built out is kind of a big excitement not anybody can experience. It’s quite a special feeling every time and again thanks to everyone who shares that moment with us.

 What’s your idea of success?

Success…never thought about that but I would be very happy if I can keep writing music that could give some kind of feeling, any feeling, to the people who listened to them. And if our music could reach to as many people as possible, that would be my success.

What question would you like to be asked that you never are and what would your answer be?

What is your favourite smell?

I would answer…

“Smell of the never ending autumn”.

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