SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Exílios 1 by George Christian

Geroge Christian is a largely self-taught musician and academic from Salvador in Brazil. Exílios 1 is the first part of a trilogy on the Sê-lo Netlabel. The album mixes instrumental and vocal pieces, both compostional and improvised. I find the music facinating, and the playing is exceptional. For me it conjures up very different journeys, across desserts, mountains and vast oceans, it’s a dreamscape to get lost in. XÍLIOS 1 is truely a collaborative effort -George plays flat-top guitar, flute, bass and vocals and is joined byLucas de Gal on berimbau, Izaky Grimm and Igor Galind on drums, Nilton Belmonte on cello, Vítor Rios – mandolin , Lucas Jagersbacher – Indian sitar and Mehata Hiroshi – noh singing, percussion and hichiriki. It says on bandcamp that the album is “speaking about trans-territoriality as an existential condition.” Not 100% sure what that means but it’s an exciting listen and a real step into the out-of-the -ordinary nonetheless! Jump in.

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