SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: The Holy Mountain by The Barbiturates

This is “The Holy Mountain” by Derry’s The Barbiturates – doing things a little bit differently this week, we were so taken by the 23 minute epic that we decided to get leading Barbiturate the Greatful mistake to talk us through it, so have a listen and a read, it’s pretty interesting!

The Barbiturates – The Holy Mountain (Mini Album) from The BARBITURATES on Vimeo.

How long did it take to write and record The Holy Mountain?

It is traditional for  The Barbiturate to watch the epic masterpiece The Holy Mountain by the great Alexandro Jodorowsky at barbs HQ on Christmas Day, I started recording The Holy Mountain on Christmas Day around 3pm and finished it early in the morning after Boxing Day, I like to record Christmas and New Year season it’s a peaceful quite magickal time of the year for me and I have much time on my hands as I am a recluse and have little visitors, as everyone I know is celebrating and visiting with their families and friends.. The lads added there bits when they came back from Christmas break, I mixed it in January after a little break from it, and it’s always good to mix with fresh ears.

Did you think about “breaking up the songs” into their individual pieces?

No… I wanted it to all be one symphony, all one piece. Music is changing and I feel that we as musicians/artists have to adapt and change with it… I still like the traditional album, ep and single kinda thing, but we do need other formats and other special pieces for our fans, ppl nowadays get bored so easily as there is so much entertainment everywhere, we have to keep up with that and challenge ourselves as artists, so I made a smaller shorter visual album that can keep Ur attention so I kept it as one continuous track, all our mini albums will be the same – short, sweet and with a full video.. We have more concepts coming soon and other styles of formats that will be exciting in the near future…

When did you fall in love with Jodorowsky? When did it first occur to you to write the tribute?

Our lead guitarist seen clips of it somewhere and knew I would love it as I am a student of all things spiritual, esoteric and occult, he bought a copy of the film and we watched it, I fell deeply in love with it as it conveys a powerful message.. Especially if you’re symbolically fluent or literate… I became a super fan instantly and watched, read and studied everything Jodorowsky, I really hope he makes Dune… I think he should get masters  Gaspar Noe and Hayao Miyazaki on board as co-directors to help and of course The Barbiturates to do the soundtrack..

I used to watch The Holy Mountain on mute why listening to music and demo our song. “Jesus And The Slave Chain” was on the playlist that might have suggested it subconsciously, but I wrote a song called “The Holy Mountain” for Jodorowsky soon after first seeing it and knew I wanted to make something for him, that song never made it on the mini album, it will come later.

It’s got a real late sixties/early seventies vibe -would you say that represents the sound of the band well?

Yes, it represents an element of the barbiturates but we really don’t have a genre, our genre TRUTH. The truth is people need to stop waiting to die to go to heaven, wake up and realize Ur in heaven now and god’s inside, were all gods, the human family need a revolution, but not one with war, death, fear and hate, an individual inner revolution, ppl carry to many labels, flags n blinkers  nowadays and box themselves in and isolate each other with indifference underneath all the layers were all just scared and afraid that ppl will see were human like it’s a weakness or burden, we should celebrate difference and respect one another, We don’t know why we’re here, so we kill each other till the answer comes clear, fear n lies control most ppl, religion takes care of the rest, I want to tell ppl to wake the Fuck up, by telling the undeniable truth..BeLIEve nothing only understand…

What’s been your biggest musical influences?

Sorry there are too many to state for the fear of leaving one out. It wouldn’t be fair on me or them. But I will say one major influence, Irvine Welsh, I have been a big fan since 1996, I want to make music like his books…  raw edgy nasty beautiful observational Psychedelic intertwined characters over different books… When we make full albums you’ll see wot I mean…

Who put the video together?

Me n the guru, that’s our lead guitarist, ohh the barbiturates are…

On bass – wispa

On drums – caveman

On rhythm – the butcher

On lead guitar – guru hands

Multi-instrumentalist n vox – the Greatful mistake

When can we expect new music from you?

Very soon, as were making new mini album and debut album release the end of this year or start of next.

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