SWIT SWEMIERE: The Rebels Of Tijuana – Brazil 70 EP

We are big fans of The Rebels Of Tijuana here at SWIT HQ. Last year’s LP “#3” was on rotation in the boardroom . The band are Alex, Olive, Long John, Julien and Yann and they’ve been kicking against the pricks since 2008. They’ve got an expansive back-catalogue, have written the greatest-ever song about soccer (!) and played with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Charlatans, amongst others. They live on wanker gasoline and Mexican weed and it shows.  Alex said “We write lyrics in a Serge Gainsbourg or Jacques Dutronc style with the music of Pretty Things, Chocolate Watchband, Black Lips or Allah Las. You dig?” We dig.  Read the full interview here. These Yé-Yé boys produce some beautiful, louche, psychedelic-tinged pop songs with a vintage sheen.

Frankly we were delighted when we got the opportunity to premiere their new “Brazil 70” EP, which does indeed lead with that greatest-ever song about soccer, the title track. Alex again “I wrote this song ‘cause I love soccer. In fact it came to my mind when the world cup in Brazil was to begin. It’s a kind of tribute to the mythical Brazilian team of 1970. Their game was just magic. My favourite French football player of all time is Eric Cantona. What a man!”

“Pampa” is a summer’s day from your childhood, the sun almost impossibly bright; “La Chimère”, a chamber-pop dream, a dance with a sleeping dragon. Wake up! because the closing instrumental “Leipzig” is a twisting, ever-changing, sci-fi-psyche epic that blows the bloody doors off – phew, what trip.

“It’s just an explosion of beat music for people who don’t want an ordinary life.” Yes, it’s true, and it’s out now on Le Pop Club Records and Echo Orange.

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