The Week 30042017: The 15 best tracks from the last 7 days.

I was chilled, you know everything was ready ahead of time and I was writing this piece about a broad, about a dame that went like this …She looked at me with her eyes, it was disconcerting, they were right in the middle of her face, where her nose should have been. Her mouth opened, and she spoke. Words came tumbling out , more or less in order, it’s what I called a sentence, or several sentences….. then my son of a bitch PC crashed and it took me three hours to get back online..THREE HOURS… the lady is going to have to wait…you’ll have to imagine what I could have done with that over 180 minutes…don’t read it and weep if you the meantime here’s from 15 great tracks Melt Downer, Stunt Casting, , Musical Youth, drama emperor, Mercedes Bentso, First Hate, Hater, Dieter von Deurne & The Politics, Cálido home, Bodikhuu, FLUT, Retro Kid, Lynette Williams, Anigo, Lagløs and Shoals!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 17

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Looks like Gerry’s been smoking The Doobie Brothers again if you catch my drift, he’s gone all Musical Youth on us – here they are playing one of their huge hits – Pass the Dutchie!

” We feel like it’s been well received, although we have also noticed a new type of listener, we have lost many on the way, but that doesn’t really bother us, I believe it means we are alive, changing, growing, I wish they would stay and take the journey with us but I suppose that’s a little to much to ask for!!”

Yes! It’s our interview with Louise from Anímic – it’s a really interesting read and we love the new album.

SWIT’s Long Player of the week is Nyctophilia by the brilliant Taffy.

Iris said “I think we were able to do our best at that moment. Usually, the sound engineer and I do all the mixing but this time I wasn’t quite sure of the first mix so I remixed all over again which made the album come out several months behind. And now, you loving the album made it worth the delay, thank you!”

Yes, yes we are – We’ve an interview coming up with her in a couple of weeks too – exciting!!

Old Swit Swoon’s back from Bonnydoon in search of tune and where better to find some then on this classic SWIT interview with Hana Williams aka Honey Stretton. She’s a fan of Jenny Berger Myhre you know? Also eden ahbez, DAVE BIXBY and Víctor Jara. Check out our CLASSIC SWIT INTERVIEW!

Finally, here’s another wonderful entry in the Galleria De La Switeria from Kerri, who’s a good friend of Joe Moore of The Perfect Kiss and that’s exactly what this is

You know, looking at those lips makes me want to climb out of this computer right now and give each and every one of you a big sloppy one, ok maybe my kisses aren’t perfect but you won’t forget them..let me tell you about this time when I…[You’re fired. Ed]

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