It’s not the last past blast you’ll hear from Retro Kid

Retro Kid – Kool Kids

Jake operates a factory of sounds with a bunch of downright Danes and a 909 it says here. We like the sound of downright Danes, we’ve known a few in our time and met many on our travels. We also like the sound of Kool Kids, its got that dance fever but so much more, it’s righteous, it sounds like Bon Iver in an alternate universe, it makes us feel young in a pretty old way.Jake James Juba is an Englishman abroad, a bit of a theme this week. He’s ably abetted (his partners in grime?…wouldn’t that be something) by Christian, Christiane and Frederik. Read their biography on facebook, it’s class.

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017


SWIT Playlist 2017

Artwork by Nica Harrison

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