It’s your loss if you don’t check out LAGLØS

LAGLØS – Le Petite Mort We love it here at SWIT when artists get in touch and that’s just what LAGLØS from Mexico did. He shared his latest Beattape collection – Cosmic Natives – and this is the opening track from it entitled Le Petite Mort. Could listen to this all day – in fact…

Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie Live!

I had this 7″ when it came out just the like the one in the picture.It was one of my 1st ever records and I loved it. So here it is folks.Musical Youth and Pass The Dutchie Live!

If you don’t foot it quickly you’ll have some Mad Turf

Shoals – Gnomish Here’s Gnomish by Shaols from New Delhi, India. This is off their latest EP Mad Turf. They describe their music as “Late night extra terrestrial adventuresInspired by Ancient Aliens, Massive Attack, Steven Wilson, Kaytranada.” As Rodney used to say – Cosmic. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist