You’d be the Soft in the head not to like this.

Soft – Post Cabaret

From Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia here’s the excellent Soft. This is the opening track off current album (and forthcoming vinyl release) Nostalgia. It’s Shoegaze,Post-Punk and ColdWave apparently. I don’t don’t like to categorise (although I see the value in giving people an idea of what something might sound like when searching through millions of bands.) At the SWIT factory we put all our tunes through a secret formula we spent years developing. If it comes out with a successful rating at the end then we deem the track to be excellent and we post it. (Tom can talk you through the maths) Speaking of Tom – he did a great job holding the fort as I borrowed the SWITCopter and holidayed in La Villa De La SWIT in the south of France. It’s nice to be back from Nice though – I missed this. And back to Soft. The album is currently available via their Bandcamp which you’ll find by clicking the below link. Excellent music.

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