King Bones buttered my scones

King Bones – Who’s Got The Drugs

I’ve taken a lot of drugs, I don’t mind telling you. Not right now, I mean over the years. I’ve wandered through Glasnevian snow blizzards in June, I’ve been threatened by Aran jumpers in Prague. I’ve come out on the wrong side of an argument with an old beige fridge. I’ve held on tight to the floor in a hotel in Amsterdam for what seemed like eternity, not tight enough, not tight and I fell down into the black pits. I spent days lost in a Seven Eleven, afraid to go out, afraid to stay in, afraid to go up or come down. I sawed apart a three piece suite in Brighton looking for a tiny ball of hash. I found it. I was reminded of all this when I heard “Who’s Got The Drugs” by Dublin 6-piece King Bones. The track, which asks one of the most important questions of our age, is built on a raffish, angular guitar riff, dissolute keyboards, no nonsense lead and oh so sugar-sweet backing vocals. This shit is addictive. Their new EP (produced by Ger McDonnell) is out this weekend and launching this Saturday at Whelan’s, Best I can do these days is a glass of chardonnay.


SWIT Playlist 2017

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