The Week 16042017: The 15 best tracks from the last 7 days.

It’s Easter Saturday, I’m sitting in the office, sucking a big bottle of Wild Turkey, staring out the window at life just passing me by. My beard got longer as the day wore on, my thoughts got darker. Good Friday always sends me into a funk, all that death and being nailed to crosses and shit. Nothing on TV but The Greatest Story Ever Told on repeat. The arrogance of it anyway, it can’t hold a candle to Logan’s Run. Gerry’s away too, in La Belle France, so there’s nobody to regulate my mood. He’s away a lot these days. A lot. Just around midnight I drain the dregs from the bottle, gather myself together and start to shuffle off to my stinking billet when there’s someone standing in the doorway. It’s dark, hard to make out his features, he’s tall though, long hair and a three o’clock shadow, he’s wearing some kind of cape or robe and sandals for crying out loud and some , it’s pissing down outside.

“Sorry to bother you, I’m looking for Gerry…I was out with him on Thursday and I told him I’d be back tonight..” He’s softly spoken with a slight accent…hard to place.

“He’s away….you are?” He did look familiar now but I couldn’t quite..

“Never mind…I’ll go meet the others. Thanks Thomas…have a good Easter..”

He waves in my general direction and then he’s gone.

I turn back to the desk to pick up my empty wallet and notice the bottle of Wild Turkey is now full. Well I’ll be damned, WTF? I pick it up and take a swig, yessir that’s whiskey alright. No sense in wasting good liquor. I stare back at the empty space where my visitor stood, I wrestled with the mystery, my drunken mind slow to turn over. How did he know my name…the booze…suddenly it hit my like a freight train…I knew who it was….but it couldn’t be…I mean…but it was…it really was …….Barry Gibb!

This called for some music – I hit the switch on the SWIT for Pamela Hute, A Victim Of Society, Wy, Anna Rune, Berlina, Jade Imagine, Maud Geffray, Pablo Und Destruktion, Prince Beast, Sakura, Satellite Jockey, Taffy, The Age of Colored Lizards, Yelle and Yumiyacchi ft Erika N. Nobody gets too much heaven no more…but you do.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 15

SWIT Playlist 2017

One of the greatest English bands ever, here they are live, it’s XTC. Wowzers!

“When you can see clearly in written form how you feel and how you felt a while ago, you distance yourself a bit from those emotions. I always want to say to my past self that it gets better, and I slowly learn from hat. It’s a bit like therapy.” Yes! It’s our interview with Wy. Ain’t they the greatest?!?!

SWIT’s Long Player of the week is Hide& by Sepalot.

We said ““Hide&” is the new album by Sepalot – it’s maverick electronic music with a spirit of playfulness and experimentation that gives the LP a real edge. Sepalot choses his collaborators well, Angela Aux brings warmth and a sense of pathos to Hard Rain and Adriano imbues Beautiful with real soul. Who is the man in the Three Piece Suit? It sounds like he’s in trouble, or you are. Someone is. Defying easy categorisation, the songs bounce around genres like a skipping stone over the surface of a lake. Wildly inventive without being self-indulgent, it’s a record that will make you smile and beguile you with its twists and turns. It’s a record you’ll want to play again and again. This machine has humanity at its core.”

YUZIMA doubled down on highly impeachable #NotMyPresident and hit him with a smoking new video and a SWITLIST RESISTLIST BOOM!

Ferran Palau from Animic donated this wonderful work to our crowded gallery, it really stands out!

Finally, given it’s Easter here’s a video from my saviour. Staying alive, well, yeah!

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