They’re not at all stroppy, they’re Satellite Jockey

Satellite Jockey – Copernicus

Hello old (and new) friends. I’ve listened to this song here Copernicus* by Satellite Jockey – a lot of times since yesterday. First impressions – it’s pretty catchy, wistful and sweet, funny even, with a video to match. Second impressions, it’s very very catchy, and you know it has it’s weird moments, like your mother after she’s drunk half a bottle of gin, she makes no sense but you cant stop laughing. So that’s it summed up really. Comprenez vous? Personally I love it and I love my mother (I hope she’s not reading this).

They have a new LP “Modern Life Vol.1” coming out April 21t on Another Record / AB Records / Montagne Sacrée & Le Pop Club (how did they get so many labels? Some bands can’t even get one).

*No idea what it has got to do with Copernicus.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 15

SWIT Playlist 2017

Photo by Marie Wynants

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