We premiered YUZIMA’s “Resist” not so long ago, we called it “a kick in the ballot box” and that’s exactly what it was. Now he has followed up with a powerful new anti-Trump video for the song.

Since the US election YUZIMA has been at the forefront of the resistance, protesting and petitioning. He says “I’ve transformed into a soldier against what is happening in our government. Whether it’s the self-dealing, alternate facts, the anti-press moves or the buddying up to Putin; artists must be on the front line.”

The new video prominently features footage from recent massive protests in NYC along with symbols of freedom including the Statue of Liberty and the Immigrant Memorial in Manhattan’s Battery Park. “I felt it was important to show what the real America is in the video, the inclusive, non-fascist, progressive face of this country and to put Trump on notice that impeachment is at his front door.”

“RESIST” is the first single from an untitled upcoming LP, where YUZIMA promises to deliver more political songs. “We must use music to lead the resistance….My music has always been a reflection of the world around me, and this video is a reflection of the energy of the city. Artists need to focus and unapologetically lead the fight against tyranny. To do otherwise is complicit!”

Chatting to YUZIMA recently I asked him to put together a list of protest songs that had inspired him – “this is a list of songs that kind of contextualizes where RESIST is coming from historically and where is sits now.” Here it is –


“This Land Is Your Land” Woody Guthrie

“Respect” Aretha Franklin

“Street Fighting Man” The Rolling Stones

“What Can I Do For You” Labelle

“Alright” Kendrick Lamar

“How I Got Over” Mahalia Jackson

“Why Can’t We Live Together” Sade

“Another Brick In The Wall” Pink Floyd

“Phoenix” Labelle

“People Who Win” Joan Armatrading

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