The Week 02042017: The 14 best tracks from the last 7 days.

Where have I been all your life? You might well ask, go on then. I’ve been right here. I’m the wallpaper to your wall, I’m the tolietpaper to your…[That’s quite enough of that, thankyou. Get on with it. Ed] ….so anyway we’ve done it again , or rather you have – let’s kick off (knowing soccer reference there, sports fans)…with the 14 best tunes of the week – from the following venerable and wonderful ARTISTES – I give you, we give you-  초록 이빨의 소녀 (Green Tooth Girl), 藤本ちゃお, Kala Brisella, Löis Lancaster
, Baby Guru, Safetalk, Acid Waves (A SWIT SWEMIERE), DIV I DED, Whereswilder, Mimicof, Murciano Total, 10LEC6, LOV3 MOT3L and The Perfect Kiss! Dig it you ungrateful pups.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 13

SWIT Playlist 2017

It was another first for SWIT this week, the SWITLIST, Leila Zanzibar from Highest Sea put together a summer playlist for us – check it out here.

I watch television all the time, you could say I’m a couch potato, so imagine my surprise when Gerry informed me there was a band called Television and you could watch them performing live on the Televison. The mind boggles.

“We cannot be happier with the reaction, this last album have reached more people than we have never expected and we are very grateful to everybody for the support.” Here’s our interview Eva from Linda Guilala. Their latest LP ” Psiconáutica”  is out now on Elefant Records.

SWIT’s Long Player of the week is Call Yourself New  by Kraków Loves Adana.

We said “Has ennui even sounded so beautiful? Has sadness ever enveloped one with such grace? I doubt it. Yes, the album is infused with a world-weary gloom, existing in a half-life between night and day, between heaven and hell, belonging to neither – the outsider’s outsider. What is on display here is truly great writing, every song has an immediacy that makes you think you’ve known it forever, a long lost friend, a companion in the darkness. Let them take you by the hand and lead you, lead you somewhere that isn’t here. There’s no redemption on display, no final uplifting coda that makes you think everything will be alright, it’s not that kind of a deal. So it’s true, the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train but, oh, to die by your side, well the privilege, the pleasure is mine.”

Swit Swoons ate up her prunes, fired some harpoons, gobbled a macaroon and jumped in a lagoon when she heard these sweet tunes ,as recommended by Half Girl in our CLASSIC SWIT INTERVIEW!

See you all very soon my little Switeroons.

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