Supr World Interview Time: Eva from Linda Guilala

We’ve posted a number of excellent tunes from Linda Guilala over the past year or so. The band, hailing from Vigo, Galicia, consists of Eva, Ivan and Mari. Besides music, they are big fans of sci-fi, especially films from the 60’s and 70’s, taking their  name from a Japanese sci-fi monster.

Their latest album, Psiconáutica, was released last year to great critical acclaim.  The record has been described as “An electric, hallucinogenic journey” and it certainly is a trip. We were delighted when Eva agreed to answer some questions  provided us with a great new addition to our gallery. These shoegazers are looking to the stars.

 How did the band form originally?

Before the split of our other band “Juniper Moon” Iván and I were living together and have started to compose a few songs at home during the boring evenings in Santiago. After the split of Juniper Moon we decided to choose 4 or 5 to upload them to Myspace and to share it with everybody. That was the beginning…

What was the first piece of music you loved, and why?

I remember when I was a little child I loved a song from a record of my father’s collection, it was “Starman” of David Bowie.

How long have you been working on Psiconáutica? Are you happy with the reaction when it was released?

We have been working on it around one year, first we composed the main songs and after recording and mixing them we built the whole concept of interludes and instrumental parts. And when all the music was finished I started to work on the artwork.
We cannot be happier with the reaction, this last album have reached more people than we have never expected and we are very grateful to everybody for the support.

 What is your favourite song that you’ve written and why?

My favourite is “Monstruo” because of the lyrics. It talks about trauma of sexual abuse, it is the most personal song that we have never written.

 What is it like to work with Elefant?

It is very easy 😉 They are our friends and they are marvellous persons, so it is simply fantastic.

How difficult/easy do you find to write songs? Do they arrive fully formed or do you have a particular method?

We don´t have a particular method, sometimes it is harder than others but now we use to compose a melody and after that we start building a whole song.

 What musicians would you consider to be your biggest influences?

I love music and bands of many different genres from the 50s until nowadays, “Dixie Cups”, “ The Chiffons”, “The Idle Race”,  “The Count Five”, “Pale Saints”, “The Wedding Present”, “ Sonic Youth”, “ The Stone Roses”, “Suede”, “Supercar”, “Rocketship”, “The Jesus and Mary Chain”, “Pixies”, ”The Apples in Stereo”,  “Mercury Rev” and a lot more…

 What song by another artist do you wish you had written and why?

It is very difficult to choose only one… Maybe “Elephant Stone” by The Stone Roses, “The Drowners” or “Still Life “by Suede. Because they make me feel something that it can´t be explained and no matter how many times I have listened to them, I will never get bored.

What’s exciting you on the Spanish music scene these days?

We are not specially connected or focused on the Spanish music scene , we love music from all over the world, But there are a lot of interesting bands here, these last days we were listened to “Dois”, “Murciano Total”, “Chicharron”, “Espanto”,  “Forman´s Driveway”, “Cala Vento”, “Apartamentos Acapulco”…

the bands

What’s your idea of success?

Just being happy and learning something new every day.

If you weren’t musicians would you love to do?

Erotic films, hahaha… I would love to be painter or show lighting technician.

I read that you are strongly influenced by fifties sci-fi, what are your favourite sci-fi movies? What attracts you about them?

My favourite films are “Forbidden Planet”, “The Green Slime”, “The day the earth stood still”,  “The X from outer Space”, “ Terrore nello spazio”, “The incredible shirking man”, “Creature from the black lagoon” among others… We like their metaphors and their parallel reality.

What question would you like to be asked that you never are? And what would be your answer?

Q. What makes you forget the world around you, feeling that time and space doesn´t exist?
A. Playing music.

What’s next for the band?

In the next few months we will release a new video and single with “Monstruo” as the main song. We are also playing live a lot and working on new songs at the same time.

Finally, here’s the new gallery addition, isn’t that fantastic?

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