THE SWITLIST: Leila Zanzibar from Highest Sea

photo by Anja Birkner

We interviewed Leila Zanzibar from Berlin’s Highest Sea recently, following the release of her fantastic debut EP “Haunted Hearts”. We ended up chatting over and back with Leila around what kind of music we liked and she kindly offered to put together a playlist for us.

She says “the idea was simply to have a playlist on the topic sunny days, mostly bands based in Berlin and a few ones from France and the US. I guess I tried to have nobody really famous so that it’s a super indie indie playlist.”

I’m pretty sure that qualifies as a Super World Super Indie Playlist, the first done for us by a featured artist and it is, in fact super. There are some stunning tunes on here, Leila’s top three are Zula, Full Moon Fiasco and Decibelles.

Highest Sea are supporting Hand Habits on the 25th of April at ACUD, Berlin; details are here .

Have a listen, thanks Leila!

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