They love their yeast do 10LEC6

10LEC6 – Bedjem Mebok (Uncensored Video)

Being Irish, we are no strangers to pagan rituals, not to mention (which we won’t) human sacrifice (look, Great Aunt Melissa would have only lasted another couple of years at most). In fact, you barely have to mention the Irish god of love, Aengus, and Gerry has his bongos out before you can say “inappropriate metaphor”. Which brings me to the brilliant new song – Bedjem Mebok (Ed Banger Records) – by French bulupunk* outfit 10LEC6 (dix-lec-six). Bedjem Mebok’ is a bulu generic term which means ‘entertainer’ and this is certainly that. 10LEC6 are street artist Simon, DJ/producer Jess and singer Nicole who puts the bulu into bulupunk. The video is uncensored and so is SWIT (for example – “bollocks”). As Jesus said “With loaves like these who need fishes”.

*Bulu is the language of the Bulu people of Cameroon.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 13

SWIT Playlist 2017

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