Even meet a gazelle at LOV3 MOT3L?

LOV3 MOT3L – Tizzy (SAMES)

I got this email from Alf Ralph (swoon) – it said this “My name is Alf Ralph and my band is called LOV3 MOT3L. We used to play together in a three piece ambient band in Scotland we played up and down the country which led to us almost killing each other. We then moved as far away from each other as possible. We didnt talk for more than 5 years but we recently had a tearful group hug and made up. Now we make noisy dream pop.

We have just finished our first album ‘Outside’s Broken’ and it’ll be released on Florida label Illuminated Paths at the start of May. It was a very honest and hard going project for all three of us. It was all recorded in a bedroom in Korea on a phone, a living room in Spain on a four track attached to a step ladder and in a shed in Australia on a tascam taped to a bogan.”

Now, I don’t know what a bogan is. Also, I always imagined that making ambient music with 3 people is not an easy thing to do. I mean..and they used to be called Super Borgboy, which rings a bell (possibly an ambient one). “Tizzy (SAMES)” has a brilliant electro-driven, swirling kind of messy genius that I find irresitible – the other songs they sent me are just as good but I’ll let you finds those for yourselves.

My kids all have chickenpox so although I’d like to say more…it’s I’d like to know where you got the lotion and it’s going to be a long night, at least I got some tunes.

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