The Week 26032017: The 14 best tracks from the last 7 days.

What a week – premieres, brilliant new art, super interviews, great Live, a Norwegian journey and these 14 sparkling tunes from As Longitude, Suumoo, Stone Dead, Altocamet, The Crispies, Floating Di Morel, Music For Eleven Instruments, Miramode Orchestra, Le SuperHomard, Akira Kosemura, sparkle & fade, mr. peter hayden, R. Missing and Jumo. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears………

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12

SWIT Playlist 2017

Monday last we SWEMIERED the superb new single from TENTS – “Under My Wings” on Numavi Records.

The The The have always been a favourite of mine, and it’s great to hear there is new music fortcoming from them soon, in the meantime check this out – a superlative Live performance at the Royal Albert Hall in 1990.

“Well, I’m always excited, but the Greek music scene is definitely getting serious about itself these days. Bands like Acid Baby Jesus, Bazooka, Sillyboy, Whereswilder, are just some of my favourites, and many more are worth checking out. “ Here’s our interview with Σtella ,where she talks about her new LP “Works For You”, out now on Inner Ear Records.

SWIT’s Long Player of the week is Greetings from the Liminal by Prunk Möbel.

Prunk Möbel’s second release “Greetings from the Liminal” is a collection of electronic-music improvisations. The music charts a journey made on New Year’s Day. Spontaneous and beautiful, it captures for me the unique feeling that the turning of the year has, the passage of time from the past into the future, standing at the gates, breathing in, pausing, looking back and then striding forward, down the coastline of endless possiblilites and hidden fears.I really love it, have a listen I think you will too.

The image on the stamp is obtained from a rose painted corner cabinet made by one of Prunk Möbel’s distant relatives. The LP is released on Take It Easy Policy a small, free spirited record label and publishing house run by Emil Høgset, Espen Friberg and friends in Oslo, Norway.

Swit Swoons landed her balloon, fought off a baboon, sang a faint croon and hugged a racoon when they heard these sweet tunes as recommended by Red Sleeping Beauty in our CLASSIC SWIT INTERVIEW!

We have a new “work de arte” in an gailearaidh ealain an Swit – yes, feast your senses on this super piece by Eva from Linda Guilala. We have an interview with her next week, can’t wait!

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