The inhabitants of ancient Philistia R. Missing

R. Missing – Kelly Was a Philistine Here’s the new single “Kelly Was A Philistine”* by NYC’s R. Missing. It’s offa their EP “Unsummering”, maybe that’s when you have your unbirthday? The question is – did Kelly change or did R. Missing change? I don’t have an answer, either way it’s a smashing tune and…

Jumo’s jams are jostling my jeepster

Jumo – Huit Jours Here’s the new single “Huit Jours” by SWIT favouite Jumo. It’s from his fortcoming EP “Dérive” which will be out on Nowadays Records in May. This is classic Jumo, jazz inflected, intricate and beautifully realised. Tres cool, as my grandmother used it say. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12 SWIT Playlist 2017