SWIT’s Long Player of the week: Ganja by KU

Dimitris Papadatos is a Greek multi-instrumentalist and producer, who sometimes operates as KU. He has just released “Ganja” as his second KU LP on Inner Ear Records. At times sounding like  an oh very young Cat Stevens (Kitten Stevens?) – he lays down pastoral acoustics that  dissolve into  psychedelics, heavy on cosmic vibes (yes). Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. You break out of orbit and you’ll never see home again until suddenly KU’s voice pulls you back to where it’s safe, safe but not that safe.

The organs conjure cathedrals in the air, the guitars build deserts in the city, tail-lights bleeding slowly into the night, The Lizard King is watching from on high and he sees that it is good. The cymbals are talking to me. What are they saying? I don’t speak cymbal but I like the sound of their voices.

Just when you think it can’t get any weirder it doesn’t –  take Spring Elevator – Is KU saying look how easily I can write a pop tune if I want to? With Space Invaders, of course. All your base are belong to us.

Oolong is a funky, laid back reggae epic. It’s a lovely song. They’re all lovey songs Ted.

In the end, we’re left drifting through the rings of Saturn, as Cypriol burns out and we’re lost but we  dont’ care anymore. Bliss. Completely.

P.S. I started listening to Hyacinth over and over, it’s amazing!

P.P.S. Still listening.

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