I’m falling for Field Trip

Evening’s Over by Field Trip

I spent years living in Galway. One night I was playing Hunky Dory and a young man ambled over and said “What’s this?”
“It’s the great David Bowie, Raymond – they don’t write songs like this anymore!” I answered.
His riposte – “Thank f**king Christ” – shocked me to the core.
Thankfully, there are still many, many people in that great city that appreciate a good tune – speaking of which, here’s the new EP – “Evening’s Over (Citog Records) by Field Trip. They write really interesting songs – constantly changing and shifting like the cloud formations out over Galway Bay (you sure about that simile? Ed.). They’ve got scuzzy guitars, ringing harmonies and super pop melodies. They’re wistful, artlessly artful and genuinely different. They’ve sure got something, and it’s something we like – this is a lovely EP and one of the best I’ve heard by an Irish band in quite some time.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 11

SWIT Playlist 2017

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