The Week 12032017: The 14 best tracks from the last 7 days.

The funny thing is I like to wax lyrical and the more I feel the need the less time, – so really let’s go with these – there are some quite brilliant tunes here,some quite brilliant music that doesn’t necessarily have a tune and just some brilliance – Why Elephant, Marta Rosa, Half Japanese, Pip Hall, Taffy , Just Friends and Lovers, Magic Bronson, White Jackets, Perera Elsewhere, Nautilus, François Virot, Djustin, Be A Bear and Cianeto HC. Credit where credit is due. Oh yes.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 10

SWIT Playlist 2017

It’s no secret that Secret Machines is a band we admired hugely, here’s are some cracking live performances!

“”Chris McConaghy’s guitar solo on ‘Spirit Photography’ is genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever heard in music, and I’ve heard zillions of albums. And even though some of those songs are a bit silly, I’m so proud I somehow made all of them.” and proud he should be, read the interview with Adam Leonard from Invaderband .

SWIT’s Long Player of the week is Selected Tracks for Nacht Dämonen by

We said a lot but mainly “the 13 tracks speak of the night, ethereal visions, ghosts and forgotten visitors. Above all they challenge boundaries, unsettle, entertain and hold fast to the spirit of adventure. are sonic pioneers on the frontiers of sound and this record is a most fitting introduction to their world.”

Swit Swoons threw out the goons, shoved on their loons and dug (?) these cool tunes as recommended by Tom Gerritsen from The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society, in our CLASSIC SWIT INTERVIEW!

We were blessed to get this beautiful new drawing from Σtella to add to La Galleria De Switeria. It’s under 24*7*365 armed-guard in case you get any funny ideas. Capisce?

I find myself unexpectedly in Mayo this morning, it’s a rather beautiful day, the sun is shining and spring is everywhere, the good folks of the town go about their business with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts. I know what a bunch of cynical heathens most of our readers are so as I was passing through Ireland’s holy city of Knock I stopped off and said a decade of the rosary for you all. You’re welcome.

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