SWIT’s Long Player of the week: Selected Tracks for Nacht Dämonen by Byul.org

“Selected Tracks For Nacht Dämonen” compiles rare and early recordings ( 2000 and 2007) by Seoul’s Byul.org, the influential South Korean creative collective.The record is beautifully curated by Byul.org’s director TaeSang Cho and SWIT favourite Markus Acher of The Notwist. The album is released today by Alien Transistor.

What started out in 2000 as a group of friends who’d meet for drinks (and for sharing the occasional poem), is now a key player of Seoul’s thriving scene: With a huge amount of projects under their collective belt, Byul.org’s members –TaeSang Cho, Yu Hur, Jowall, YunYi Yi, and SuhnJoo YI – went from publishing to recording, from releasing tunes to doing art shows, offering everything from branding to consulting and art direction, from naming and design to software development along the way.

Most of these songs were originally released on CDs that came with the collective’s own Monthly Vampire, A Magazine, while others were self-published via the group’s label Club Bidanbaem. The album is a nod to their favorites such as Eno, Joy Division, Kraftwerk and Robert Smith, as well as Korean stalwarts such as Jae Ha Yoo, and Min Ki Kim.

The 13 tracks speak of the night, ethereal visions, ghosts and forgotten visitors. Above all they challenge boundaries, unsettle, entertain and hold fast to the spirit of adventure. Byul.org are sonic pioneers on the frontiers of sound and this record is a most fitting introduction to their world.

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