Hop on the bus Gus , destination Notilus

Notilus – Alien

This is a fascinating, exhilarating brew of jazz, funk, electronics, sampled voices and ghosts in the machine, this is Alien by Notilus, and daddio does it groove? Yes, yes it does.

Notilus is the new project of five established French musicians : Philippe Rieger, Samuel Klein,  Guillaume Nuss, Christophe Rieger and Paul Barbieri. Their debut LP will be released on  Denovali in spring 2017.  The say “ The spatio-temporal ship made some stops on the planets Jazz, Trap, 70 ‘s, Bass, Dark and Psyche. “ Really folks, we don’t visit planet jazz that often but when we do we realise we should have done it sooner. It makes us say “daddio”.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 10

SWIT Playlist 2017

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