SWIT’s Long Player of the week: Pamela Hute – Highline

Hello and welcome to Highline, the 3rd album by Pamela Hute. Pamela has been super busy of late, not only writing and recording the 11 tracks here but also setting up her own label, My Dear Recordings, on which Highline is released. In some ways she’s been performing a bit of a high wire act while spinning a lot of plates and juggling a [that’s enough circus analogies. Ed]. Er….anyway her new commercial freedom has obviously translated into the artistic sphere also. There is a warmth here and a rounder, more organic sound than before – thanks in part to an expanded band, as well as the co-production by Jay Pellicci. What hasn’t changed is Hute’s ability to spin a sublime melody – sweet tunes abound – from the opener All I Say via Banshees, I Know, Run Through The Storm -the list goes on. While there is a relaxed, bright pop aspect to the album and a Beatlesque quality to the songs, there is an undertow of regret and world-weariness that only enhances the lustre of a beautiful record. It’s hard to pick a favourite track, today it’s the melancholy Stick Around, yesterday (all my troubles seemed…) it was the pumping Summer Of 75. What I do know is the record reveals more with each play and you’re going to want to play it a lot.

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