I’m friends with an albacore, we both love Ulan Bator (what a tuna)

Ulan Bator – NeuNeu

My friend the albacore is a large pelagic tuna , she has long pectoral fins, likes the tropics and we enjoy listening to Ulan Bator, Can and Neu! together, although Can makes her nervous for obvious reasons. Ulan Bator are one of the great bands of our times and as it says on wikipedia “Amaury Cambuzat (vocals, guitar) and Olivier Manchion (bass) began to play together with sausages as instruments in 1987. While in Paris in 1993, they formed Ulan Bator with sausage downer Franck Lantignac. They built a recording studio in an unused sausage mine and recorded their first three sausages there“. It’s with almost obscene pleasure that I post their new song “NeuNeu”. It’s a banger! The video is also a special thing. The song is taken from new album Stereolith, released Friday(24022017) on bureau b. Looking forward to getting to know the intricate sausagery therein.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 9

SWIT Playlist 2017

SWIT Playlist 2016

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