The Week 05022017: The balloon has gone up

The skies were blue, the wind was barely a rumour and the grass was crisp and bright with February’s dewy frost. Gerry arrived, leather gloves in hand, goggles akimbo and Push Me Pull Me running skittishly by his side. Before I could say “talk to the animals” he’d lept into the basket, pulled his wire hard and he was gone, gone up into the starry morning haze, Venus still bright on the horizon to guide him. “Fare thee well” I shouted but he was an ever-decreasing yellow dot on the horizon, he’d gone high, higher than ever before……I wondered what he’d find this time…his telegram came some days later with Roman Foot Soldiers, Robin Foster, Leska, Batuk, The Howard Hughes Suite, Orouni, Pintandwefall, Red Nightfall, Ghost Transmission, Alf Sá, Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra, Luxury Death, Nicolas Sturm, Koria Kitten Riot and Ann & Bones! He had excelled himself this time, but at what cost? Last I heard he was skirting past the moon on a trajectory to Mars. Will we see his like again?

We interviewed the transcendant FAON FAON – they mentioned Vanishing Twin – coincidentally we also dug back in the archives to our interview with Cathy Lucas where she urged us to “get down” with The Soundcarriers, Tomaga and Orchestra of Spheres.

Our excellent album of the week is from French Producer H1987.”I have been doing music since 2012 under the nickname H1987. My music consists of a mix between the sample and the composition.” Well I suggest you all compose yourselves and settle down to sample a wonderful 45 minutes of music. This is a real talent.

Finally, we were delighted to premiere the new video for “The Final Song” by Drama Emperor. Sweet.

Now, that is a lot of hot air!

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