The Week 22012017 – We’re the cat that got the cream (of indie tunes).

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week. What can I tell you ? I’ll just say we’ve got some great music again, high art, exciting discoveries and all-round brilliant tunes from a bunch of creative, open, positive and (frankly Mr. Shankly) amazing people – check out Magana, Allred & Broderick, Kabul Dreams, Gepsiz, Highest Sea, Jambinai, Renaldo & Clara, Astrid Swan, The Captain’s Son, Soft Regime, Taffy and Little Sprout.

We interviewed Stephanie Müller from Beißpony.

We rifled though our drawers and discovered the secret desires that burn inside Giorgio Tuma.


Our Long Player of the week is “Invaderband” by Invaderband. SWITTom said “Back to Derry we go, and hasn’t that city produced some great bands over the years? Well here’s another one. This is the self-titled debut LP by Invaderband, a four-piece consisting of Adam Leonard, Chris McConaghy, Gavin McCartney and John Goodman. What do you get? Eight beautifully crafted, sharp as fuck tunes. Super confident songwriting that never puts a boot wrong. Understated melodies that show just enough to let you know that they know. Clipped vocals, clever, cutting lyrics, funny even. Skin-tight, clinical arrangements. Dissonance in service of consonance. If these guys decide to let rip then get out of the way because they’re totally wired (totally wired). Check it out now.”.


Finally, our live performance this week came from the fragrant and exceptionally talented Peonies.

What a week – let’s do another one, oh yes!

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