Mind your crystal here comes the Highest Sea

Highest Sea – Wait for the Night Check out new single/video – Wait for the Night – from Berlin’s Highest Sea. Their debut EP “Haunted Hearts” will be released on February the 24th by Späti Palace. Like this a lot.

Peonies Live 2016

Peonies Live 2016 SWITTLE presents Peonies live this week. Here’s 3 tracks recorded last year. Whispering (one of my favourite singles of 2016) Truth and Falling. Whispering Truth Falling Thoroughly recommend their album Landscape released last summer too

Now for some Seoul music

Bella Union will be releasing Jambinai 잠비나이’s debut album Difference on the 24th February. It’s the 1st time it’s getting a world wide release so lots to look forward to. In the meantime check out the excellent Connection off the album. 2nd time on SWIT so they must be brilliant. JAMBINAI잠비나이 – Connection