SWIT Swemiere: A kick in the ballot-box from Yuzima

We are delighted to post RESIST, the new single from SWIT favourite and all-round good guy YUZIMA.

YUZIMA wrote RESIST in response to November’s U.S. election of Republican Party reptile Donald Trump. NYC’s reigning “prince of noize” is biting, knowing and combative on the explosive, guitar-powered single.

With lyrics like “I’ve got a ballot full of dreams and just one fortnight,” and the middle finger artwork, he sounds off on the complacency and complicity of “ignorant people electing hate into the White House. I want to give people a bolt of rock and roll justice.” He adds, “Musicians have to be on the front lines just like the French Revolution. This guy is using the presidency to self-deal and to attack dissent.” About the attempt by many to normalise the president-elect he says “He will never be my president, I’m #NotMyPresident all day. My people were hung because of that type of hate so we can never give it a chance.” Yuzima comments on threats to the environment and social progress, “We need to hold on to our gains and be on guard against the dark ignorant forces at the gates… We need to resist at every level.” On the next president’s cabinet, “He is already decaying the fabric of our most vital institutions just by his appointees. His feet must be held to the fire every day he’s in office.”

Mixing his tools of uniquely tweaked noise guitars, cathedral reverb soulful vocals, YUZIMA chants down “would-be-populists who stock their cabinets with billionaires.”

YUZIMA is working on his new “Power” EP, the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed “Living Off The Land”. Can’t wait to hear it – 2017 is sounding great so far!

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