Alf Sá Alf Sá Kadabra

Alf Sá – Você Já Está Aqui Brasilia’s Alf Sá have just released a new album and this is the title track from it. It’s simply excellent

Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra creating stunning tunes

Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra – East Coaster A track from Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra’s self titled new album. It’s out now on Spunk records and it’s fantabulous. Try East Coaster and then investigate the rest of it, You won’t be disappointed.

Come to a sticky end with Luxury Death

I’m at pains to point out what a cracking song is Glue by Luxury Death. It’s got an irresistible tune and some crazy cartoon keyboards that makes me feel a bit B-52 ish, ish being the operative word, I mean the sun shines less in Manchester, and rightly so. The band is duo Ben Thompson…

Everyday Is Like Sturmday

This is my first time hearing Nicolas Sturm, here’s the new single/video for “Das Ende (jetzt beginnt die zukunft)”. Melodic, melancholic, Morrissey-ic (is that a word?), channeling the zeitgeist, this is a really fine tune, not to mention the excellent video that juxtapositions the “small” lives that continue even as thew world outside convulses. The…

Koria Kitten Riot are keeping me a-mews-ed

Helsinki’s master tunesmiths, Koria Kitten Riot, are back with “The Earth Will Spin Around” from new LP “Songs Of Hope and Science”, out two days since on VILD. This is another brilliant, understated pop song from the band. Hear ye! They write great tune after great tune and deserve a huge audience. I haven’t listened…

Ann & Bones make beautiful tones

From the Elope EP, this is the really beautiful “Falling” by Berlin’s Ann & Bones, which you know I think is a perfect name for this group and works on numerous levels – have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. This is released on Best’s Friends, I found it on finetunes tv, to…

The Week 29012017

The snowdrops are falling on my head and spring is just around the corner, a season of rebirth, of hope , of new beginnings…[drop the sermon Father SWIT. Ed] …er….yes indeed…..ok….here’s our weekly playlist, listen to some of the best music released around the globe over the last 7 days – I’m talking Sepalot &…

SOS – Sin Örvar Sóley

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Random Haiku Generator Sóley, Sin Fang and Örvar Smárason from Múm are collaborating on a new song each month throughout 2017. Random Haiku Generator is the first release from them and what a start. I’m dying to hear the next one already. Check it out guys. Wonderful.

Hop aboard The Dream Ride

The Dream Ride – Night (Soaring Through The Shadows) 1st single from Los Angeles Electro-Magnetic Dream-Disco outfit The Dream Ride. Here’s Night and it’s great folks.Out now on Lolipop Records.

A beautiful vignette with Lizette Lizette

Stockholm artist and producer Lizette Lizette has just released “Queerbody”- a short, sharp electroshock that is deservedly receiving RAVE reviews. It’s been quite an odyssey for Lizette Nordahl but her persistence and vision has paid off in spades. We were delighted to catch up with her and find out a little bit more about what…

Paul y Carlos’s Wall of Sound

Paul y Carlos – Chepe We featured the wonderful Chihuahua 2000 last August from Mexico’s Paul y Carlos and now off new album Chiquititos – here’s the opening track Chepe. I’m a big fan of these guys. Think you might like them too.

A stunner from Mumrunner (Dadbean)

Mumrunner – Cascais 1st ever video from Finland’s Mumrunner featuring a track of their Gentle Slopes ep released last September on Soliti. With all that you know it’s gonna be great. Sweet guitars