SWIT’s Best of 2016: Top 10 (YANG).

I’ve gotten to know a huge amount of great new music over the past 12 months and it’s been difficult to choose 10 songs that stood out above the others. These tunes defined the year for me, it’s been a complete joy to get to know these artists and we’re really looking forward to hearing from them in 2017. So here they are, arranged in no particular order, my Top 10 of 2016 enjoy and hope you are having a Merry SWITMAS.

El Petit de Cal Eril, El plor (bankrobber)

A stunning song from the highly recommended (by me) LP “La força”.

Red Sleeping Beauty, If You Want Affection (labrador Records)

This is from RSB’s “Kristina”, their first LP in 19 years. My, was it worth the wait! What a pop song. It’s their first video too and it’s rather special. I didn’t realise I missed adverts so much.

Masha Qrella, Ticket To My Heart (Morr Music)

Masha released 3 brilliant singles from her latest LP “Keys” – Ticket To My Heart, Keys & DJ. It was hard to chose one but this is it I think. The videos for all 3 songs are by Diana Naecke and they’re fantastic also.

Angela Aux, Big City Blues (Millaphon Records)

By the multi-talented Heiner Hendrix (also of Aloa Input) – this is German Americana (if such a thing exists) at it’s best. From the LP “Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams” – we said “He is the toothbrush to your teeth. Open up your mouth and let him in.” Please do.

Teeth & Tongue, Turn, Turn, Turn, (Remote Control Records)

A sugar-coated pill from one of my albums of the year, Give Up On your Health – Jess Cornelius and the band have produced something really special.

Lost Tapes, Go For The Round (Mushroom Pillow)

Workaholics Pau Roca & RJ Sinclair combined to produce  the beautiful 80s-tinged LP “Let’s Get Lost”. This is the standout track – pop perfection.

Cálido Home, Dear Kiddo (bcore disc)

Folk me , sparks really fly every time this duo get together. Beautiful tunes, harmonies and buckets of emotion. You know they mean it. Taken from the excellent LP  ‘Tones and Shapes’ and produced by Joan Pons (of El Petit de Cal Eril).

Sin Fang, Lost Girls (morr music)

This song has got a killer hook and when he sings “I wanted to belong but they wouldn’t let me” it’s like you’re 16 again. Class.

Eefje de Visser, Staan

This tune is a real grower. It’s understated nature reflects the theme of the song  and video perfectly – it’s almost more about what’s absent than what’s there. Beautiful and sad but it keeps it’s tears to itself.

Sarah Ferri, When The Giants Play Poker (Jazzhaus Records)

This song just amazed me on first hearing, It’s an ominous 80s pastiche that  reflects on the Greek crisis of the last couple of years. Stunning production, songwriting and Sarah’s cut-glass vocals lifts it far above the multitude of new wave tribute songs you hear these days.

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