SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Young Narrator in the Breakers by Pavo Pavo

Weirdo band win SWIT Long Player Of The Week in amazing triumph of substance over style with style. 

Pavo Pavo’s new “disc” is currently hot on the turntables at SWIT HQ. It’s an amazing REVERSAL OF FORTUNE. Only 12 short months ago they were slammed by The Daily Discharge for being “too clever by half” and “putting the era in liberal”. Now, the band, who live in an abandoned Soviet space capsule (The Vostok 3KA)in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood cemetery, have emerged with this amazing set. Have you ever wondered what Brian Wilson would sound like if he had lived in Space 1999. No? Maybe you should. Riff on space jazz, big jammy drums and a back lot full of broken analog keyboards. Strawberry jammy drums.
Pavo Pavo are currently on tour in Mongolia where they are rumoured to have developed an addiction to dried Yak milk curd spaghetti. It tastes like those candy cigarettes you used to get when you were a kid. So does this record. Check it out.

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