The National Live at Roskilde 2013

Setlist 00:12 Don’t Swallow the Cap 04:50 Bloodbuzz Ohio 09:59 Mistaken for Strangers 13:34 Sea of Love 17:14 Afraid of Everyone 21:29 Conversation 16 25:34 Squalor Victoria 31:26 I Need My Girl 35:51 This Is the Last Time 40:21 Sorrow 44:13 England 49:43 Mr. November 54:34 Terrible Love

There is no other Troy but there is Ankathie Koi

Powernerd Paddy pops up (so to speak) in Ankathie Koi’s new video, “Little Hell”, which is one of the funniest and most thought-provoking things I’ve seen all year. I don’k know if “Kate, It’s Hunting Season” is an eerily prescient warning from history to Kate Bush following her declaration of love for Teresa May? What…