The Week 06112016

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, the site is really taking off (just like our balloon) , we’ve had tonnes of fantastic submissions, you can check some of them here.  We realise we’re only skimming the surface to some extent – there’s so much great music out there – here’s some of  the best that we found (and found us)  in the past seven days – Jeannel , Us And Them , Breatherrr, Marine Dreams,  Orouni ,  Wild Pink, Pamela Hute, Oddsfiche, Fire To The Stars,  Lower Plenty,  The Slow Show,  Changing Trains,  Atención  Tsunami &  Avóka!

Stop me oh oh oh stop me if you’ve hear this one before, yes here’s a superb live performance from Killing Joke.

We interviewed David from the amazing Bedford Falls.

Anders Mathiasen (aka Vessel) gave us the lowdown on one of his favourite artists, the inestimable Bill Callahan.


Our Long Player of the week is “Lost At The Party” by Terry Malts.


Finally, our latest work of art to be hung in La Galleria De La Swit (?) is this wonderful piece by David from Bedford Falls, is there no end to this man’s talents?!?!?!


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