The Week 30-10-2016 : From Dublin we say hallow, ween yourself onto SWIT.

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, we’ve barricaded ourselves in the tower, we’ve got bats in the attic and cats in the belfry, werewolves on the landing and we’re drinking spirits to beat the band. Speaking of bands (see what I did there ) here’s some rare and spooky music from all around the globe, as the boundaries between this world and the next fade away, we’ve let the right ones in – Eek! it’s a Love Ghost! Egad! YUZIMA is the voodoo king. Fangs for the memories – DTCV have unearthed a Vampire. And who’s that skulking in shadows? Why it’s Andrea Schroeder, Buslav, His Clancyness, LoE LoF LoN, Angharad Drake, Jam Money, Nick Valentini Collective, Atlas Engine, Lars Martin Myhre, The Real Numbers, Drama Emperor and Jep and Dep. Crazy names, crazy people !?!?!?!?!

We walked through the valley of darkness with a superb live performance from those freaks in The Jesus and Mary Chain

We did the monster mash with Half Girl

The legendary and exceptionally sinister Vincent Price told us all about his Hornbook

The suspense was almost unbearable as Alfred Hitchcock read some Ghost Stories for Young ‘uns

El Estrellero formed an unnatural union with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.


Finally, Our Long Player of the week is His Clancyness with Isolation Culture

Listen to it on SoundCloud here

Spotify here

Bloody Hell! The SWIT IS The Shit!

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