I’ve waited so long but Atlas Engine is here.

Something a little bit different this evening, Nick LaFalce of Brooklyn’s Atlas Engine sent us his latest EP,  “After The End” last week. It’s a really great piece of work with 6 excellent tracks so we asked him to tell us a bit more about it. Check it out below !

“After the End”was written in Brooklyn, as well as while I was traveling in Cuba and South America last year. While I wouldn’t call it a proper concept record, it was definitely crafted around a few central themes. The songs all tie into each other in different ways (both musically and lyrically). After parting ways with probably the third band in a row due to “creative differences” (everybody’s favorite term), I knew that something had to change this time around. I had too many ideas that I knew couldn’t afford to be compromised. So rather than trying to force collaboration yet again, I decided that I was going to create exactly what I wanted in the exact way that I wanted it this time. And while writing/recording/producing everything on a record was definitely a lot to put on my own plate, the result made it all worth it.

Since recording the EP, I’ve recruited a solid group of guys to join me in building the next chapter of Atlas Engine. Justin Mayfield (guitar) is my friend and roommate who also mixed and helped produce the record, so he was the first one I called. Next was my friend Mike Tarnofsky (keys), who I met from working with his former band Terrible Terrible. I found Patrick Cochrane and Ryan Kaplan (bass, drums) on Craigslist actually, and aside from being great players and cool guys, neither of them have tried to kill me yet, which I’d consider to be the true success story here.

The EP  is now available everywhere online and you can catch the band  next on 11/11 at the Webster Hall Studio, NYC with OWEL and The Soil & The Sun – as Nick says – two terrific bands that I actually discovered via Spotify’s Discovery Weekly playlists.


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