The Week 09102016

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, I’ve been around the world and I I I, I can’t find my baby but I can find the best new global indie – yes we’re talking Wood Burning Savages, Why Elephant, The Monkberry Moon Orchestra, Lauren Stuart, Mi Nave, Irah, Blind Digital Citizen, Atrás Hay Truenos, My Thinking Face, Bernard Fèvre, Oy, Joasihno, Lo Straniero, Metoronori and Simon Norrsveden!

We wouldn’t welsh on our promise to bring you live from Gwenno

We interviewed Pamela Hute and Orlando from Acid Waves.

Ihui Cherise Wu of Polartropica gave us the lowdown on the tracks that make her SWOON.


Our Long Player of the week is “Choose Your Own Adventure” by Vanishing Twin.


Finally, our latest work of art to be hung in La Galleria De La Swit (?) is this wonderful piece by Cálido Home called “Ancora Una Volta Con Sentimento”. We have a great interview with them next week!


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