The Week 02102016 : Gentlemen Take Polaroids

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, nothing to see here , well apart from some of the best indie music from around the world – please do listen to Akua, AQUASERGE, Cala Vento, De Kift, Jakuzi, Lapsihymy, LVL UP, Noise Box, Power Burkas, Rats On Rafts, SAD13, ShitKid,TAM TAM, Teemu & The Deathblows, The Goon Sax & The Spaghetti Wings!

Live came from the fucking Fuck Buttons

We interviewed Ole from The Loch Ness Mouse and CJ & Adam from Colour8 Records.

Knock Me Out gave us the lowdown on the tracks that make them SWOON.


Our Long Player of the week is _Xantastic by Darren Cross


Finally, our latest work of art to be hung in the Galleria de Swity is this wonderful piece by Alfredo Cano entitled “Acid Waves’ Wet Dream”.


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