The Week 18092016

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week. It just keeps getting hotter here in Dublin and so do the tunes, this is possibly our finest selection yet. Take a trip around the world with me and check Wy, Odd Beholder, Lessons, The Pirouettes, FOAMMM, Gabriella Cohen,Pamela Hute, October, NAD Neu Abdominaux Dangereux, El petit de cal eril, Red Sleeping Beauty, O – Olivier Marguerit (with Maud Nadal, Pauline Delassus & Emma Broughton), Lydia Képinski, Þórir Georg & Hege Bjerk.

Live came from Deerhunter

We interviewed Rasmus from Musik Til Mor.

Sofia Bolt told us she loved Younghusband.


Our Long Player of the week is All Tomorrow’s Monsters by Half Girl.


We had a new picture in our gallery from Orouni.


Finally, our classic LP was Tin Machine.


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