The Week 11092016

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, we just get keep getting bigger, too many fish fingers! Anyway we have another batch of top tunes from around the global village – check Lumi, The F16s, Chantaiman, Chassol, Forever Pavot, Frustration, Guazuncho, Half Girl, Hong Kong Dance Company 香港舞蹈團, , Julien Gasc, Linear John, Marielle V Jakobsons, Meno, Nadia Sirota, Nico Muhly, Orchestra Of Spheres, Teitur, The BV’s, Urthboy & Villa Nah.

Live came from the excellent Coco Rosie

We interviewed Indian multi-genre maestros Hoirong. They also provided us a beautiful new addition for our gallery.

IO e la TIGRE gave us the lowdown on the tracks that make them SWOON.


Our Long Player of the week is Give Up On Your Health by Teeth & Tongue.


Finally, we had our first in a new series looking back at classic albums, namely Faith by The Cure.


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